About Us

Our coaches are professional coaches who share the passion of helping people getting fitter and stronger at each level. All our coaches in Brussels are professional coachs with  a Master or Bachelor degree in physical education. Our coaches will listen to what you want to achieve your goal and help you with the best advice. Sometimes they will tell you to slow down to avoid injuries, sometimes they will trigger you to do more strength, because your body needs it. Your physical and mental wellbeing is our concern.

We believe you can! 


Hi Sports lovers

I’m Johan head coach in Brussels and an even big sports lover as you. Sports is for me the perfect and best way to challenge and surpass yourself. How amazing is it to notice the evolution of someone! Getting stronger, more enduring, running faster, … Sports is also an activity that brings people together. It’s so beautiful to see how people start with the bootcamp sessions as strangers and finish as friends doing other activities together.

As a coach I’m a quite extravert person. I always try to give the maximum during my sessions, and I can assure you that bad jokes will be present. Out of the sessions, I’m a quite introvert and shy person. I like food, especially Asian and Mediterranean food, manga’s, Japanese animation, travelling and off course sports. Sport was always present in my life because I was educated in a sporty family. I started at the age of 5 with judo until the age of 14. I also played football until my 18 and I’m now active in the fitness since my 16. My sports and coaching preferences are a little bit contradictory because I prefer inside and individualistic sports, but I prefer to coach outside and in groups. I’m also a stay-at-home guy. That’s why my mother always called me E.T. (if you know the reference 😉). I hate the beach, sand, and sea water (I think you realize that I prefer the swimming pool). I’m speaking French, Dutch, English and I’m trying to learn some Italian words, but this project is for the moment on hold.

My sessions are always a good mix of strength, core, agility, and cardio. Music will always be present, and I can assure you, I’m listing to all kind of music. What can you expect? Techno, party music, retro music, rock, Latino music, house, and classic music. Ok maybe not classic music. 


My name is Guillaume certified EREPS 4 personal trainer. Since always sports have been an evidence to me and today I made it my job to communicate this passion the best way possible to all those wishing to raise their physical activity level. I grew up in Benin, small coastal country of western Africa where I practiced many sports such as surfing which turned out to be one of my preferred activities.

I’m always really active in my life. I love holidays to the beach where I can surf and snorkel all day or big walks in the mountains of southern France.


At some point of my life, I realized that if I wanted to keep on practicing all these demanding physical activities on the long run, I would have to take care a bit more accurately of my body.


To me, fitness and functional training is about getting the body you want to live in. About how it looks but also about how I feel in it.

And this, is the very reason why I became a coach. I want to use my knowledge to show people how easy it is to take care of their body and achieve all their physical goals so you can keep on doing all those things you like on the long run, just how I would like to do them, with a dynamic strong pain-free body.

Green coach: We are concerned about our planet. We stongly believe that we, outdoor athletes, must be concerned about the planet, because we love to train in the great outdoors. I am a strong believer in human energy. If you can take the bike, you don't need to take the car. Taking a bike is better for the planet, no need to mention your own health and mind. A fit population needs less medical help (medical help, pills, ...) Being fit is part of a sustainable future.

Life is better when you're fit, our planet is better when everybody is fit!