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Brussels Bootcamp for sale? Local manager wanted?

Bart Delobel, founder and owner:

"Brussels Bootcamp is one of the different projects I once created. For me, based in Leuven, it makes more sense to focus on projects closer to where I live. That's why I've decided to stop with  (managing) Brussels Bootcamp. I want to do other things with my professional life these days than looking for new trainers, making a year planning and promotion, creating marketing strategy and adverts, for an organization where I'm not active myself. I'd rather leave that local management to someone who is every day in Brussels, spending time on networking, investing time and energy in it, so it will get a lot bigger return of investment. I am convinced that with a little bit of extra investment, with some passion for outdoor training and a little knowledge of entrepreneurship, you can make Brussels Bootcamp 5 times bigger then what it is now. Or 10 times. The only (sad) thing is, I don't have the time to do that in Brussels.


Buy it or work as local manager?

The easiest solution for me is for sure selling it. But, as it still feels as a baby of mine, I'd be happy if I can keep the ownership while someone else would take care of the complete management on commission. But for sure, that is a more complex agreement. I am a trainer and an entrepreneur, but I'm not a specialist in those kinds of contracts of such a outsourcing or agreement on commision. What should a local manager or new owner do?

  • Manage the team

    • Find new coaches (important, 'cause urgent... New coaches needed by September)

    • Employ students - internships ...​

    • Contracts with coaches

  • Sales and marketing

    • Strategy and planning for promotions, advertisement, sales, ...

    • Digital marketing (newsletters, social media, website...)

  • Business management

    • Finances, fees, contracts, investments, prices of services, ...

    • Vision and mission 

    • Networking

    • Services (PT? SGT? bootcamp? Running? Corporate services? Expand? ...)

As I am an entrepreneur who created several concepts, I'm super covinced that with a little bit of time and energy investment, you will get out a lot of result and growth. You just have to have to to do it.

What is in it?

Brussels Bootcamp has a good name and reputation, which is worth a lot. Even with 3 years with almost no marketing, it keeps having group sessions that are sold out or almost sold out in the sunny season. I didn't do promotional campaigns nor promotional actions to get new members  in the last 3 years. I only did +/- 3 adverts on social media for only 300€/year. That's it. It's crazy how we keep finding new clients just through mouth to mouth and Google.

  • 850 e-mail contacts + current clients

  • Marketing stuff: +/- 8 beach flags, 400 flyers, a website, a Facebook page with 1,2K followers (almost no IG)

  • Digital stuff: website, Facebook page (1,2K followers), Google business page. Instagram is  not worth to mention. Even without IG, you can make a business run :-)

  • 2023:  positive cash flow of +/- 15.000€ (expenses: coaches, app, software, website -> no fee for myself for the little managing work I did)

  • Training material: Resistance bands, stroops, kettlebells, Bosu Ball, ...

Important: We continu with sessions till end of August. A new owner or manager will have to deliver new coaches in September. 

Buy it? Price: 12.000€ VTA included (discussable)

  • I guarantee to cooperate for a good transition. 

  • I am open to cooperate with some brainstorming for your future plans, based on my experience

  • Transfering all adresses, network data, ownership of website, social media pages, Google page, and some photos

  • Why 12.000€? With only a minimal investment of my time, it still gave a positive cash flow of 15K last year. I know, you need to find and employ new trainers, but you can pay them less than what I did. With a little bit of entrepreneurship, you will easily get that 12K out of it in no time, if you're willing to invest in your own company.


Local manager collaboration as partnership, on commission:

In this option,, the ownerships stays on me. You do the total management and take most of the benefits (commission). I only get a little of the benefit. I don't know how such an agreement works. I have no experience with it. So don't expect from me to say how it will work. If you believe you can be a local manager with sense of entrepreneurship, you must be able to propose a good agreement. That's already a first big proof that you are able to be a good local manager who can work on finding slutions.

Interested in buying Brussels Bootcamp, or in a partnership where you take the entire management? Please contact me, Bart Delobel, on +32 496 856455 or on


I have to keep working on my focus.;-)

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