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Are you the one that we need?

We are looking for a new sports coach strengthen our team

What are we searching for?
  • Internship
    • Sports coaches
    • Social media marketing
    • Sports management
    • Possibility ​to become a future member of our team
  • Freelancer
Sports Coach
  • Master/bachelor degree in sports (other degrees are possible)

  • A good level of English, French and/or Dutch

  • A freelancer or student

  • You’re a born dynamic and social  person, entertainer, and coach

  • You like to be outside, bad weather can’t stop you

  • Flexible schedule to do lunchtime, evening and weekend sessions

     For what?

    Outdoor bootcamp – personal training – small group training – running classes

    What are we not searching?

  • The classic fitness instructor with hands in his pockets

  • Someone who's afraid of the rain or cold



Social Media Marketing

  • Generate extra leads through digital marketing

  • Make good photos on training sessions

  • Creative and cacthy posts on social media

  • Newsletters




Sports management

Brussels Bootcamp is looking for a future manager. Are you a student Sports management (internship) or just finished your studies in sportsmanagement (freelancer)? Than  this could be something for you!

  • Coordinate trainers + find new trainers/student trainers

  • Make year planning with promotions and strategy 

  • Coordinate and manage  marketing and communication: plan campaigns(newsletters + social media)

  • Upscale: create more services in Brussels

  • ideally, you are also a sports coach

Be paid on commission.  Make Brussels Bootcamp grow. The more it grows, the more you'll be paid.

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