Personal training

With a Personal Trainer you train where en when ever it fits your agenda. At your home, work or in the park, your coach will give you the perfect training to reach your goals. 

Functional - Core Training - Flexible - Personalized training


With personal training you train 100% personalized towards your goals. We work in a functional way, in function of your daily life and sports. We will work on your weak and strong points. Core stability training is important for everyone, young and old, sporty or less sporty. Thats why it's a regular feature in our training sessions. Core stability is:

  • Making the whole body stronger;

  • Training the postural muscles in order to avoid back pain;

  • Strengthen the body for daily tasks and movements;

  • Improving your stamina;

  • Improving your coordination.

Just like in all other training sessions we spend the necessary attention to a good coordination. Coordination is important during sporting but even more important during daily tasks and life. A good coordination can prevent injuries. 

Our personal trainers work with elastics, swiss balls, medicine balls, Bosu Ball, small weights and body weight. The exercises allow movement in all directions so that the muscles will never be trained one-sides and isolated. 

"After my knee injury, I wanted to come back stronger than before. With my personal coach, my dream of running a trail became true."
Personal training


At your home, work or park nearby.


Whenever it fits your agenda!


Female-shape program:

Focus on legs, abdomen and arms. Of course we don't forget the others muscles groups but we focus on the specific female shapes. Our goal is to make your body fitter and stronger.

Men-shape program:

Building more muscles and muscle definition. We focus on muscle hypertrophy but also on a fitter and stronger body.

Losing weight program:

We start with an intake interview where we look at your diet, training frequency, .... Based on this information we build a training program to reach your goals. 

20 km through Brussels preparation:

Want to run the 20 km through Brussels but you have no idea how to prepare. No worries, our personal trainer will work with you towards your goal. We help to improve your running technique, train your stamina, power, ... .

If you have any questions or other needs than the examples above, don't hesitate to contact us


1 session = 75€

10 sessions = 600€

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