Running Training in Brussels

More than 80% of all runners get confronted with running injuries. Propre running training, with technique and strength training, could be a solution for more than 50% of all those injuries. Our running trainers guarantee you very professional advice. 

Our running training is pretty unique. From beginners to top runners, we give running technique and strength to make you run faster, stronger and more elegant. It will help you avoiding injuries. In our running classes, you'll get 1 hour of non-stop running drills, strength exercises and natural running. Our running training gives a new dimension to running, or should we say flying? :-)

"The running exercises really gave me the feeling of flying. I've never experienced that before. Awesome! "

We alternate every 2 weeks with our running classes. One week, focus is on strength and drills, the other week, focus is on running technique.

Focus on strength and drills:

Oct 6, 20

Nov 3, 17

Dec 1, 15

Focus on running technique:

Sep 30

Oct 13, 27

Nov 10, 24

Dec 8, 22

  • Running technique: Back to natural running
  • Strength for runners: Avoid overuse injuries
  • Coordination training: Improve your agility
  • For all levels: Beginners to pro's need this training
Become a faster, stronger and better runner. Run with Brussels Bootcamp. The first one who regrets running with us isn't born yet.


@Parc du Cinquantenaire
(athletics track)


6-pack = €66

3 months full membership (running & bootcamp) = €150

Contact us:


Tel: +32 496 856455

Why running with us?

More than 90% of the runners don't spend time on running technique, injury prevention or strength training for runners. However, those things make you a stronger and faster runner and prevent you from injuries. Running training with us is pretty unique and will definitely give you more than any other running training.


"As a professional running coach, I see many runners doing things wrong. They proceed too soon to longer distances, before their body is ready for it. I see people training a lot whitout getting faster. Running is more than just one foot after the other. Running technique, strength, speed, those things matter, not only for top runners, but also for beginners.

With strength and coordination exercises, you will avoid injuries, but you will also run and even walk more elegant." Running coach Bart has been writing for years about runing technique and running injuries for a magazine and has been a international orienteering runner, with a 6th place on his first maraton. 

With our trainingsessions, we will do a variaty of technique training, strength, endurance and speed work. The venue is at the athletics track at Parc du Cinquantenaire, on Tuesdays, 18.15. 

Join us!

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