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Small Group Training

Small Group Training is personal training but in a small group. Benefit: price divided by number of participants, fun multiplied by number of participants. 

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All benefits from Personal Training, but:

  • Cheaper, because you divide the price with your friends

  • More fun, because you train with your friends

  • More efficient, because your friends provide peer pressure but also sense for competition

Small Group Training is the perfect alternative for who thinks that personal training is to expensive. But also for who loves to sport with friends or other people. Because we work with a small amount of people we can offer the one on one experience you have with a personal trainer. Our trainer will provide individual feedback and can adjust exercises to your personal needs or goals. 

The social aspect keeps it extremely fun but can also provide the necessary peer pressure to motivate yourself. It will provide the motivation you need, because you had a deal with your friends to go out and train. Besides that there is also the competition between you and your friends. Sweating together and having fun together, that is what Small Group Training stands for. 

This concept is really amazing. It's social, it's efficient, it's fun. Just great to have our own coach for me and my friends.
Small Group Training


During the blocks 'empty' (see schedule) in weekends, you can book a small group training. 


At your home, work or park. (only surroundings Brussels) 

Group size?

Minimum 2 and maximum 6 people for one training session.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

Contact us:


Tel: +32 496 856455

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