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Fitter&Fitter has been training people in Leuven en Brussels since 2011, personal training, groups and companies More than 2000 people have enjoyed our personal and group training. We can proudly say that about 85% of them are very satisfied about the training and services. Feel free to send in your own testimonials, write your text and send us your picture!


Julie N., bootcamp and running training

Hi I’m Julie, I’m 31 and I have started bootcamps with Bart and Glen in March.

When I’m not travelling for work, I try to train 3 times a week. The bootcamp and running sessions have proven themselves super efficient as I can really see that I am becoming stronger and fitter, especially when practicing other sports that require balance or strength.

In my case, the classes also represent the perfect transition between work and home. Glen and Bart make the training ludic and fun and I always come home relaxed and happy.

Furthermore, training outside is a must. Parc du Cinquantenaire is an amazing place to go to. The park is beautiful and many other sports are being practised at the same time. It’s energising and encouraging.

I really recommend this activity to anyone interested in getting in a better shape and to outdoor lovers. Glen and Bart will make you feel part of the team right from the start!

Sinead T.

I discovered Bart's running group a few months ago and wish I had found it years ago - it would probably have helped me avoid injury on many occasion!! His classes are extremely well organised and structured with a great mix of running techniques to help improve your running posture, strength and the famous core stability as well as tips on nutrition, training programmes, the importance of warm up and cool down stretches etc.  There is a lovely atmosphere within the group, all levels of runners from beginners to advanced are welcome and the hour long class flies by! I would definitely recommend giving his class a go😄


Since five months, I have been attending bootcamp training sessions in the Cinquentenaire Park during my lunch breaks. It´s indeed the perfect way to escape from office stress and prepare for beach/summer shape. Groups are usually small and Bart/Glen can follow and correct wrong positions/movements, all with a big smile rather than with military drill. In any case, it´s much more fun than working out alone, plus after a couple of sessions you can really feel and see the difference :-)

Ariane D.

 I'm a runner and used to dedicate all my free time to sport on running. Until the injuries came.... Then I learned that a good runners body, especially if that body has carried 2 babies, needs strong muscles. At that very same moment Fitter & Fitter started the bootcamps in the Cinquantenaire, less than 250m from my office! I try to go once a week. That's easy because there are more than 4 moments a week to join in.  We change muscles every session so all muscles are trained well. Once we focus on the abbs, next time on the legs, .... You know what I like the most? It's outside: so you train breathing fresh air, enjoying the sun or the rain. I've been doing this more than a year know and I convinced 4 of my colleagues to join me. Moreover we're planning a try out for the whole team as a kind of teambuilding in the autumn.  Thank you Fitter & Fitter for letting me switch off my head during lunch breaks! 


"Hi, my name is Carina and I've been joining the boot camp for 1,5 years now. I can really say that joining the boot camp once a week has helped to straighten my muscles and gave me the motivation to run a Half-marathon last November, with a personal best time. The motivation in the group is amazing and I have been really impressed with the support we get on every exercise. 


Thanks to our coaches who motivate us a lot with sport skills and group games, I would definitely recommend boot camp to anyone interested in getting fit and having fun at the same time. We really have become a great team! "


'Wonderful coaches and trainings!

An absolute Must if you like to take more out of running!'


Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying training in the cold over winter in Brussels . I wanted to write this when I left Brussels in October but didn't have the opportunity - thank you so much for such a fun time learning I could actually achieve things that seemed way too hard and for making it so enjoyable with such a great bunch of people too! MISS YOU ALL! Karli

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