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Brussels Bootcamp is:

  • Core, leg and upper body strength

  • High intensity, burn calories

  • Functional movements

  • Cardio, speed, agility

  • Loads of social fun

Join us in Parc du


Latest news:
Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter Challenge

We want to motivate you to train in winter and to stick to your New Year resolutions. If you train at least 20 bootcamps with Brussels Bootcamp between The 1st of January and the 21st of March, we'll pay you 40€ for being so performant! 

Brussels Bootcamp


"This is where expats from all over the world run, bootcamp, sweat and smile together in a lovely park with nothing but beautiful people."

Are you looking for some personal training, bootcamp or for some sports at work with professional coaching? You've just hit the right spot!

Our goal is to make you fitter and enjoy sports.

Strengthen your core with funtional movements. Combine high intensity with fun. Burn a lot of calories and loose weight. Train smarter, move smarter.  Avoid injuries and experience the personal touch from our professional coaches. Our outdoor training is what your body and mind deserve. Strength, agility, speed, endurance and fun. Stretch your comfort zone. We can all become fitter!

Come and join us, give it a try, you won't regret it.

  • Bootcamp

  • Personal Training

  • Small Group Training

  • Corporate Training

Bootcamp is a perfect outdoor workout for the entire body.

  • Strength & core strength

  • Functional movements

  • Cardio, speed, agility

  • High intensity, burn calories

  • Lot of social fun.

It's all in one training. Read more about our bootcamps

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In personal training,

  • Focus on YOUR goals

  • Individual approach

  • Loose weight

  • Well balanced programs

  • Running analysis

  • We make the program that matches your goals

Read more.


Our running training is unique and from a high quality

  • Improve your running technique

  • Strength training for runners

  • Avoid injuries

  • Learn how to run natural


Beginners and advanced runners can join our unique running sessions. Try it. You have never run like this before! Read more about the running training

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Julie N_bewerkt_bewerkt.jpg

Train with your colleagues to reduce the absenteism and increase your productivity and improve your team spirit

  • Core strength and bootcamp at work

  • Posture workshops

  • Running and running technique

  • Inspiring info sessions

  • Tasty food workshops

 Discover our variety in corporate training​ here.

Small Group Training is the best of group training and personal training in one.

  • Personal touch with your personal trainer

  • Social fun with friends

  • Share the cost with friends

  • Trainig together motivates you even more

Read more about it.

Over 1500 people trained with us in Brussels and Leuven (group training, personal training, corporate training). Too many succes stories to show them all, but here you can read  some of them happy sporty spices ad their experiences.

Read more about it.

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