Bootcamp is the perfect combination of endurance , strength, agility and speed. It is a complete workout for your entire body, because that's what functional training is. Get in top shape and have a lot of fun while working out, that's the Brussels Bootcamp recipe. It will boost your body and your mind. We guarantee professional coaching by our experienced personal coaches. Try it today and be stronger tomorrow.

"After every bootcamp, my mind is excited, my body exhausted and my soul is reborn."
Bootcamp, the perfect workout for body and mind! 

Bootcamp is perfect for you if you're looking for

  • High intensity 

  • Outdoor training

  • Endurance, speed, agility 

  • Functional training and basic core stability 

  • Fun


Because of the variation in exercises, people different levels can train together. 


Bootcamp is a bit like Crossfit, but: 

  • Outdoor: fresh air, nice sun, singing birds, or bad weather to test and increase your motivation

  • With a bit lighter weights for more focus on injury free training and good posture

  • More social fun with group and partner exercises


This makes it the perfect training for a complete work-out, a perfect work-out for all.

Bootcamp is also the perfect sporty teambuilding.

Discover what we do in our bootcamps in this video, or check our Facebook page

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