Reboot training after lockdown

On Monday the 18th of May, we can start training again. Outdoor sports is allowed, so there we go!

Extra sessions on Wednesday and Saturday

We've had a geat and succesful start after Lockdown. Classes were fully booked, so we launch extra classes.


Session 1: 18:45-19:45
NEW session 2: 20:00-21:00


Session 1: 10:00-11:00
NEW Session 2: 11:10-12:10

Read it all HERE


Of course we will have to respect several measure to keep it safe. These safety measures will be explained clearly before we start.

Fitness center still closed?

Is your fitness center still closed? Then this is the right moment to start training outdoor. Outdoor training is healthier, makes you hapier and boosts your immunity. Who needs a fitness center when you have the great sunny outdoor spring and summer?


Winter is long long gne. All trainigs will be on the atheltics track again!

Will there be training with rainy, hot or cold weather?

The answer is yes, unless it's no. But mostly, it is yes. :-) Rain doens't stop us. Nothing can stop us, we'd like to say. But we have to be honest, there are things that can stop us. Rain isn't one of them. We're outdoor people, you know. We're not melting fro a bit of rain like indoor fitness people do. We resist. All year! That's what makes us different from them. Bad weather is an opportunity. Brave man's opportunity. It's your chance to show you're unstoppable. Thougher than the others.

  • With stormy weather, when the park is closed: training is canceled

  • When with a big NATO happening (Like Donald from the US of A visiting Manneken Pis) and the streets are closes, training CAN be canceled. Check Facebook and Virtuagym for last minute updates.

  • When it's way too hot to be healthy (>37°C), training CAN be canceled. Check Facebook and Virtuagym for last minute updates.

  • With sudden heavy snow fall or icy streets and it is way to risky to drive a car, bike, step or even a horse, training can be canceled. Check Facebook and Virtuagym for last minute updates.

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