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Important Summer Update (June 2023) (Jun

We have some less and some more important communications to do:

  • NO training on Mon 5 June 

  • Changes in the schedule of July and August

  • An important communication for the future


First the  short communications

  1. Monday 29th of May there will be training

    1. Only if enough people on the list. It’s an official holiday, so usually we do not have training on holidays, but for once we make an exception. BUT, only if more than 4 people have signed up BY SUNDAY EVENING 8PM.

  2. No training on Mon 5 June: Bart will be on a one week trip in the mountains from 5 till 11 June. Johan will replace Bart on Tuesday 6.

Summer schedule

In summer, we'll have a adapted schedule,a bit a light schedule.. Less sessions a week and a rest periode. 

  • July: 3 sessions a week (find data below in this mail)

  • August: 4 sessions a week (find data below in this mail)

  • Summer Break: 27 Jul - 6 Aug

Memberships and credits during summer:

  • 6-packs: credits will still be valuable. You can still buy them in the webshop.

  • Members with a 3-months memberships: Up to you. You can choose between two options:

    • Option 1: You keep using the membership, knowing that there is a lighter schedule in summer and a rest week.

    • Option 2: you can choose to have your membership stopped at the end of June and switched into an amount in your account and you’ll be able to continue training at the rate of 9€/training (cheaper than normal credits, wich is 12€/credit). If you still have an amount left on your account on the moment we stop, it will be refunded.

  • If you have a membership, please let us know your decision before Sun 25 June. SEND YOUR DECISION TO If you don't send to stop your membership, you agree to keep using it even with less sessions a week.



Than, the bigger communication: Brussels Bootcamp for sale?

(Bart, founder and owner speaking):
As I wrote in a internal communication to our members 2 weeks ago, Brussels Bootcamp might end to exist somewhere after summer. I say might, ‘cause I’m still looking if there is another solution. Another solution would be someone who can do the entire management (policy, marketing, coachings, trainers, schedule, ...), or someone who could buy it.
In the meantime, while I Iook for a solution, we continue in summer with our sessions in July and August. Anyway, if at a certain moment we decide to stop, credits  or memberships will be refunded.

Why this decision? Well, I, as an owner, I have launched several projects in the past. I launched bootcamps in the whole province, I launched Brussels Bootcamp, I launched corporate training, I launched a running event for a business park, and so on. I built up my Fitter&Fitter team to a 10 coaches company. Due to Covid, I lost that team (I was lucky that Johan stayed to help me with Brussels). As I lost my team, I can not keep managing all those projects and I have to decide with wich projects I will continue and wich one I will have to stop. In some way an easy choice, as I prefer to focus on the projects at 1km of my home and not on 30km (with possibly a lot of traffic). On the other hand, it's never an easy choice, because I really love to give those sessions, I love all those people who have been training with us. It feels a bit like one of my babies. I can assure you that it's been an emotional rollercoaster sometimes, thinking about what to do with it. It's not out of joy that I take such a decision. :-(

So, I will no longer keep doing the management of Brussels. That means, or I find someone who wants to buy it and continue with it, or I find someone who can take over the complete management in some freelance partnership. So, if you know someone who could be interested in taking the full lead in it or in buying Brussels Bootcamp, please bring us in contact :-)

Interested in buying or in a colaboration? READ MORE ON THE PAGE BRUSSELS BOOTCAMP FOR SALE?


Summer schedule Dates


Tue 4 Jul

Wed 5 Jul

Fri 7 Jul


Tue 11 Jul

Wed 12 Jul

Fri 14 Jul


Tue 18 Jul

Wed 19 Jul

Sat 22 Jul


Tue 25 Jul

Zed 26 Jul

Wed 26 Jul

Summer Break

27 July – 6 Aug


Mon 7 Aug

Tue 8 Aug

Wed 9 Aug


Mon 14 Aug

Tue 15 Aug

Wed 16 Aug

Fri 18 Aug


Mon 21 Aug

Tue 22 Aug

Wed 23 Aug

Sat 26 Aug


Mon 28 Aug

Tue 29 Aug

Wed 30 Aug

Fri 2 Sep



Keep on training all year long!

Will there be training with rainy, hot or cold weather?

The answer is yes, unless it's no. But mostly, it is yes. :-) Rain doens't stop us. Nothing can stop us, we'd like to say. But we have to be honest, there are things that can stop us. Rain isn't one of them. We're outdoor people, you know. We're not melting fro a bit of rain like indoor fitness people do. We resist. All year! That's what makes us different from them. Bad weather is an opportunity. Brave man's opportunity. It's your chance to show you're unstoppable. Thougher than the others.

  • With stormy weather, when the park is closed: training is canceled

  • When with a big NATO happening (Like Donald from the US of A visiting Manneken Pis) and the streets are closes, training CAN be canceled. Check Facebook and Virtuagym for last minute updates.

  • When it's way too hot to be healthy (>37°C), training CAN be canceled. Check Facebook and Virtuagym for last minute updates.

  • With sudden heavy snow fall or icy streets and it is way to risky to drive a car, bike, step or even a horse, training can be canceled. Check Facebook and Virtuagym for last minute updates.

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