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About Us

Our coaches are professional coaches who share the passion of helping people getting fitter and stronger at each level. All our coaches in Brussels are professional coachs with  a Master or Bachelor degree in physical education. Our coaches will listen to what you want to achieve your goal and help you with the best advice. Sometimes they will tell you to slow down to avoid injuries, sometimes they will trigger you to do more strength, because your body needs it. Your physical and mental wellbeing is our concern.

We believe you can! 

Green coach: We are concerned about our planet. We stongly believe that we, outdoor athletes, must be concerned about the planet, because we love to train in the great outdoors. I am a strong believer in human energy. If you can take the bike, you don't need to take the car. Taking a bike is better for the planet, no need to mention your own health and mind. A fit population needs less medical help (medical help, pills, ...) Being fit is part of a sustainable future.

Life is better when you're fit, our planet is better when everybody is fit!

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